Z11-042685 Round Diamond Center Bridal Set

Bridal Set
Center Stone / Three Stone / Multi Stone

Product Description

0.65ct Diamond (49pcs) Semi-mount for 0.50ct Round Center

Metal ToneWhite Gold
Center Stone

Type: Diamond

Weight: 0.5 ct

Shape: Round

Side Stone

0.65ct Diamond (49pcs)

Type: Diamond

Weight: 0.65 ct

Shape: MarquisesRound

Number of Side Stones: 49

Semi Mount Remark: Semi-mount for 0.50ct Round Center

Center StoneMulti Row Accent

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  • B31-063142
    3.63ct Emerald (14pcs) 2.29ct Diamond (265pcs)
  • R14-121735
    0.51ct Diamond (58pcs)
  • R11-031671
    0.26ct Diamond (1pc) 0.13ct Diamond (8pcs)
  • R36-114739
    2.72ct Sapphire (14pcs) 1.18ct Diamond (8pcs)
  • R11-024446
    0.39ct Diamond (26pcs) Semi-mount for 0.63ct Round Center
  • R32-118139
    0.20ct Sapphire (5pcs) 0.25ct Diamond (34pcs)
  • R15-038207
    0.15ct Diamond (1pcs) Semi-mount for 0.15ct Round Center
  • N11-109308
    0.09ct Diamond (11pcs) Semi-mount for 1.05ct Round Center (2pcs)
  • A31-124509
    11.91ct Tourmaline (11pcs) 1.69ct Diamond (222pcs)
  • R11-031659
    0.31ct Diamond (6pcs) Semi-mount for 0.30ct Square Center
  • B31-128241
    15.86ct Sapphire (17pcs) 0.67ct Diamond (17pcs)
  • N11-110824
    2.62ct Diamond (88pcs)
  • N11-124193
    2.50ct Diamond (65pcs)
  • B31-126217
    14.93ct Aquamarine (10pcs) 1.93ct Diamond (302pcs)
  • R11-030843
    0.60ct Diamond (46pcs) Semi-mount for 1.00ct Round Center
  • P11-028568
    0.33ct Diamond (11pcs)
  • B31-128615
    8.84ct Sapphire (14pcs) 0.57ct Diamond (28pcs)
  • R19-060134
    3.23ct Diamond (190pcs)
  • P11-109141
    0.20ct Diamond (36pcs)
  • W11-121815
    0.10ct Diamond (20pcs)