R31-061809 Oval Emerald Center Ring

Halo / Straight / Center Stone

Product Description

3.17ct Emerald (1pcs) 0.21ct Diamond (40pcs)

Metal ToneTwo-Tone Gold
Center Stone

Type: Emerald

Weight: 3.17 ct

Shape: Oval

Side Stone

0.21ct Diamond (40pcs)

Type: Diamond

Weight: 0.21 ct

Shape: Round

Number of Side Stones: 40

Fine JewelleryBest Seller
Center StoneSingle HaloSingle Row Accent

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  • R22-131283
    0.49ct Diamond (8pcs)
  • B31-092744
    9.71ct Ruby (9pcs) 3.17ct Diamond (254pcs)
  • R19-040800
    0.47ct Diamond (24pcs)
  • P11-106298
    0.14ct Diamond (17pcs)
  • B31-084867
    6.67ct Emerald (29pcs) 2.08ct Diamond (29pcs)
  • R19-042336
    0.25ct Diamond (6pcs)
  • N11-110824
    2.62ct Diamond (88pcs)
  • P11-126447
    0.08ct Diamond (5pcs)
  • E31-062399
    1.01ct Ruby (2pcs) 0.23ct Diamond (36pcs)
  • R11-021830
    0.73ct Diamond (44pcs) Semi-mount for 0.75ct Round Center
  • R31-060401
    1.26ct Emerald (1pcs) 1.26ct Diamond (30pcs)
  • B31-110571
    9.62ct Sapphire (45pcs) 1.76ct Diamond (89pcs)
  • W11-033427
    0.46ct Diamond (20pcs)
  • R11-060633
    1.60ct Tourmaline (1pcs) 0.67ct Diamond (114pcs)
  • R19-060199
    2.33ct Diamond (118pcs)
  • R15-113510
    0.02ct Diamond (2pcs) Semi-mount for 1.25ct Heart Center
  • R13-025214
    0.04ct Sapphire (2pcs) 0.33ct Diamond (6pcs)
  • R32-028056
    0.62ct Emerald (3pcs) 0.36ct Diamond (2pcs)
  • R19-043091
    1.16ct Diamond (97pcs)
  • R32-037206
    0.46ct Ruby (5pcs) 0.28ct Diamond (50pcs)