R19-042125 Diamond Flower / Twist / Multi Stone Ring

Flower / Twist / Multi Stone

Product Description

2.24ct Diamond (133pcs)

Metal ToneWhite Gold
Side Stone

2.24ct Diamond (133pcs)

Type: Diamond

Weight: 2.24 ct

Shape: MarquisesRound

Number of Side Stones: 133

Fine Jewellery

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  • R11-031617
    0.19ct Diamond (12pcs) Semi-mount for 0.33ct Round Center
  • B31-118103
    2.57ct Sapphire (164pcs)
  • N11-093764
    21.36ct Diamond (341pcs)
  • R11-005231
    0.71ct Diamond (2pcs) Semi-mount for 2.00ct Round Center
  • R19-042236
    2.45ct Diamond (256pcs)
  • R14-118330
    0.32ct Diamond (32pcs)
  • R19-030853
    1.42ct Diamond (12pcs)
  • R31-108158
    4.19ct Sapphire (1pcs) 0.56ct Diamond (2pcs)
  • A31-137078
    23.45ct Sapphire (49pcs) 1.71ct Diamond (340pcs)
  • W11-032576
    0.78ct Diamond (50pcs)
  • R11-035665
    1.99ct Diamond (112pcs) Semi-mount for 2.00ct Round Center
  • N11-084646
    1.42ct Diamond (16pcs)
  • B31-120270
    9.84ct Sapphire (18pcs) 1.89ct Diamond (360pcs)
  • B31-135682
    4.21ct Ruby (7pcs) 0.21ct Diamond (12pcs)
  • R31-106661
    5.34ct Sapphire (1pcs) 0.38ct Diamond (62pcs)
  • W11-033427
    0.46ct Diamond (20pcs)
  • E31-042318
    1.67ct Ruby (22pcs) 0.39ct Diamond (68pcs)
  • R32-032955
    0.52ct Emerald (5pcs) 0.40ct Diamond (4pcs)
  • R14-104848
    0.17ct Diamond (28pcs)
  • N11-123453
    2.71ct Diamond (16pcs)