B31-133704 Diamond,Sapphire Halo / Line Bracelet

Halo / Line

Product Description

11.12ct Sapphire (19pcs) 1.99ct Diamond (266pcs)

Metal ToneWhite Gold
Side Stone

11.12ct Sapphire (19pcs) 1.99ct Diamond (266pcs)

Type: DiamondSapphire

Weight: 13.11 ct

Shape: RoundOval

Number of Side Stones: 285

Fine JewelleryBest Seller
Single HaloLine

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  • R22-131283
    0.49ct Diamond (8pcs)
  • R19-042236
    2.45ct Diamond (256pcs)
  • R19-041950
    0.33ct Diamond (64pcs)
  • R36-107164
    1.07ct Sapphire (15pcs)
  • W11-030836
    0.10ct Diamond (16pcs)
  • B31-128241
    15.86ct Sapphire (17pcs) 0.67ct Diamond (17pcs)
  • R11-042178
    0.67ct Diamond (31pcs) Semi-mount for 0.50ct Round Center
  • N11-112164
    21.40ct Diamond (137pcs)
  • B31-093737
    14.36ct Ruby (12pcs) 1.58ct Diamond (280pcs)
  • B31-121750
    24.89 Tourmaline (45pcs) 0.81ct Diamond (45pcs)
  • W11-035621
    2.63ct Diamond (89pcs)
  • B31-092073
    8.60ct Emerald (8pcs) 2.42ct Diamond (245pcs)
  • R22-001360
    1.17ct Diamond (7pcs)
  • E31-121054
    3.54ct Tanzanite (2pcs) 0.37ct Diamond (74pcs)
  • R14-118330
    0.32ct Diamond (32pcs)
  • B31-120896
    5.14ct Tourmaline (14pcs) 0.07ct Diamond (3pcs)
  • P31-110647
    1.02ct Sapphire (28pcs) 0.81ct Diamond (177pcs)
  • R11-031671
    0.26ct Diamond (1pc) 0.13ct Diamond (8pcs)
  • A31-112411
    1.57ct Diamond (264pcs) 5.36ct Ruby (47pcs)
  • R11-031125
    0.24ct Diamond (6pcs) Semi-mount for 0.50ct Round Center