B31-094205 Diamond,Ruby Line / Multi Stone / Halo Bracelet

Line / Multi Stone / Halo

Product Description

14.31ct Ruby (12pcs) 3.21ct Diamond (244pcs)

Metal ToneWhite Gold
Side Stone

14.31ct Ruby (12pcs) 3.21ct Diamond (244pcs)

Type: DiamondRuby

Weight: 17.52 ct

Shape: BaguetteRoundOval

Number of Side Stones: 256

Fine JewelleryBest Seller
LinePartitioningSingle Halo

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  • N11-108203
    10.91ct Diamond (191pcs)
  • B31-128615
    8.84ct Sapphire (14pcs) 0.57ct Diamond (28pcs)
  • R14-104846
    0.11ct Diamond (24pcs)
  • W11-030838
    0.30ct Diamond (8pcs)
  • R19-042356
    0.54ct Diamond (5pcs)
  • P11-128292
    0.70ct Diamond (9pcs) Semi-mount for 0.75ct Round Center
  • R11-030834
    0.73ct Diamond (16pcs) Semi-mount for 1.00ct Square Center
  • R14-118330
    0.32ct Diamond (32pcs)
  • R19-042076
    1.22ct Diamond (53pcs)
  • R13-026297
    0.33ct Diamond (8pcs)
  • R11-021830
    0.73ct Diamond (44pcs) Semi-mount for 0.75ct Round Center
  • B31-126217
    14.93ct Aquamarine (10pcs) 1.93ct Diamond (302pcs)
  • E31-110115
    0.20ct Diamond (44pcs), Semi-mount for 2ct Octagon Center (2pcs)
  • R14-035422
    0.57ct Diamond (48pcs) (0.23gm)
  • P11-108918
    0.15ct Diamond (14pcs) Semi-mount for 0.25ct Round Center
  • A31-110842
    3.09ct Emerald (9pcs) 1.55ct Diamond (132pcs)
  • W11-032810
    0.21ct Diamond (9pcs)
  • R32-028276
    0.76ct Ruby (3pcs) 0.39ct Diamond (2pcs)
  • R11-031617
    0.19ct Diamond (12pcs) Semi-mount for 0.33ct Round Center
  • R31-060401
    1.26ct Emerald (1pcs) 1.26ct Diamond (30pcs)