A31-110842 Diamond,Emerald Straight / Multi Stone Bangle

Straight / Multi Stone

Product Description

3.09ct Emerald (9pcs) 1.55ct Diamond (132pcs)

Metal ToneWhite Gold
Side Stone

3.09ct Emerald (9pcs) 1.55ct Diamond (132pcs)

Type: DiamondEmerald

Weight: 4.64 ct

Shape: PearRound

Number of Side Stones: 141

Fine Jewellery
Multi Row AccentPartitioning

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  • R11-034372
    0.93ct Diamond (68pcs) Semi-mount for 2.00ct Square Center
  • R14-120266
    0.25ct Diamond (38pcs)
  • R32-028272
    0.36ct Emerald (3pcs) 0.19ct Diamond (2pcs)
  • A31-137078
    23.45ct Sapphire (49pcs) 1.71ct Diamond (340pcs)
  • W11-121815
    0.10ct Diamond (20pcs)
  • R22-001360
    1.17ct Diamond (7pcs)
  • R19-030853
    1.42ct Diamond (12pcs)
  • E11-027346
    1.04ct Diamond (74pcs)
  • P11-126447
    0.08ct Diamond (5pcs)
  • R31-060866
    2.48ct Sapphire (1pcs) 0.90ct Diamond (40pcs)
  • R31-061961
    2.42ct Aquamarine (1pcs) 0.51ct Diamond (30pcs)
  • R11-037749
    0.53ct Diamond (28pcs) Semi-mount for 1.00ct Square Center
  • W11-026859
    0.38ct Diamond (9pcs)
  • N11-108203
    10.91ct Diamond (191pcs)
  • R14-114619
    0.50ct Diamond (22pcs)
  • R11-034562
    0.72ct Diamond (40pcs) Semi-mount for 3.00ct Round Center
  • R11-033153
    0.18ct Diamond (6pcs) Semi-mount for 0.38ct Round Center
  • B31-110573
    9.97ct Sapphire (45pcs) 0.61ct Diamond (45pcs)
  • R31-060401
    1.26ct Emerald (1pcs) 1.26ct Diamond (30pcs)
  • W11-032810
    0.21ct Diamond (9pcs)